STEM ++ stands for a curriculum based on four of the most important things a child needs to know about – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics backed by Language Arts, Motor Skills and Socio-Emotional Skills.

Our belief is that children can think creatively when their minds are exposed to the concepts of Science and Technology with equal focus on areas like Language Arts and Math.

At The Madam Curie School, the STEM ++ Curriculum aims at achieving overall development of children with the help of innovative, encouraging and intellectual learning style. Our curriculum promotes learning by way of reasoning, predicting and problem solving alongside the traditional learning style of practice through repetition and recitation.


Science is there in every walk of life and early exposure to the same is important for various reasons. To put it simply, it inculcates the quality of being curious and explorative among children. MCS is particularly proud of its distinct Science curriculum which is both informative and practical.

Students will grasp scientific concepts new to them by way of fun-filled activities right for their age group. Further, they will learn with the help of experiments and team projects. The academic goal we want to achieve with our curriculum is the promotion of an intellectual learning style among children using methods of reasoning, predicting and problem solving.


Technology is constantly evolving, with advancements happening every now and then. Introduction of children to technology at a young age will help them in adapting to the future changes easily. At The Madam Curie School, we intend to educate children in the field of technology through computer literacy, step-by-step logical thinking by way of introduction to rudimentary flowcharting, music making, photo editing, online art, and more.


The basic idea of engineering can be grasped by children at a very young age. Even though engineering is more or less a practical concept that kids know via building blocks, solving puzzles and observing levers and gears, it has been proven to make young minds draw inferences from daily-life objects.

Critical thinking holds a major share in our Engineering curriculum. It uses a hands-on approach at the pre-school level that promotes creative thinking. Coming to the Kindergarten level, our curriculum focuses on preparing students for tests like CogAT and NNAT, which are held in county schools in the Early Elementary years. (Gr. 1 – Gr. 3)

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum might include various visual and aural comprehension activities, but we consider reading ability to be the most important foundation in children. In the digital era, the medium is frequently changing but the written word remains at the core of our lives – it is still the primary way we use to share knowledge with the world. The sooner a child starts reading, the closer he or she comes to acquire the sea of knowledge.

Our Preschool Language Program focuses on reading and listening comprehension in addition to vocabulary building. To make the course more fun, we have mixed music, poetry, storytelling, drama, role-play and other extra-curricular activities to the program.

The writing part of the program focuses on bringing out the best handwriting among children by showing them the right writing techniques and introduction to creative writing.

Motor Skills

For achieving effective fine and gross motor skills, a child needs to start early.

We have developed activities that help in honing gross motor skills among children through exercise, organized group sports, games and dance. Our group sport activities inculcate teamwork and team spirit among kids and also teach them valuable lessons to deal with victory, tie and defeat.

Our Arts program focuses majorly on improving the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by using various media, textures and material. Our Art curriculum also includes Art appreciation, as ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’

Socio-Emotional Skills

Since mere academic lessons do not make a human being good, we have designed a large part of our Preschool curriculum to focus on inculcating the values of kindness, compassion, respect and self-esteem among children. At MCS, our aim is to emphasize on perseverance, time management, and other positive study habits, and desirable behavioral qualities at a young age, so that our preschoolers grow to be rich in character. The values we instill in our students makes them go to elementary school with confidence, a positive attitude and love for learning that will make them natural leaders.